Fund Raising Goal

The Goal over the next 5 years is $4,500,000.00.

Funds are to meet the following critical needs:

Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries:      $1,000,000

Infrastructure:                                          $3,500,000


  • Strong, accountable leadership and financial stewardship.
  • Maritime-focused mission that directly impacts and transforms individual lives.
  • Aligned with CARICOM (Caribbean Community) regional development goals to achieve sustainable growth and alleviate poverty.
  • Impact on future generations through support of Centers of Excellence in the Caribbean that increase regional maritime educational capacity and global competitiveness.
  • The ACMF is the only foundation dedicated to supporting maritime education in the Caribbean.


Donors can become involved in a number of ares, including in a leadership giving program focused on any of the following areas: annual giving, grants/bursaries, scholarships, building fund and maritime community development. In-kind donations are received on a case-by-case basis.

Thousands of students apply each year to Caribbean Maritime University which trains more than 70% of the maritime professionals in the region; and more than 90% percentage of those who are accepted at CMU depend on financial aid. CMU tries not to turn away qualified students due to capacity issues, which means that classrooms, staff, financial and other resources are stretched to the maximum.

Students are willing to earn their tuition by providing labor on construction projects, cleaning the institution, and undertaking other maintenance and administrative responsibilities through the Earn ‘N Learn Programme.  This can be a strain on their ability to study; nonetheless, almost 100% of CMU students find a job within 6 months of graduation.

Scholarships are offered to students with strong academic performance, and grants are provided to students in good academic standing with compelling financial need.

All donations made by the ACMF are vetted and monitored to ensure congruency with the purposes for which the donations were made, and in accordance with our tax-exempt guidelines.

Contributions are tax-deductible and the ACMF board has the sole discretion to make final decisions with respect to financial assistance.