About Us

Our Mission

Alleviating poverty and transforming lives in the Caribbean through maritime education and community development

We believe that the maritime industry has a critical and unique role to play in reducing poverty, addressing gender inequality issues, and spurring economic growth in the Caribbean.

The Foundation funds scholarships, grants, equipment for maritime training and education in the Caribbean.  We extend scholarships and grants to students attending or planning to attend any of our academic partners: Caribbean Maritime University (Jamaica)University of Trinidad and Tobago, LJM Maritime Academy (Bahamas), MatPal Marine Institute (Guyana), and Atlantic Alliance Off-Shore Training Institute.

We also fund equipment, facilities and infrastructure, including classrooms.

With this in mind, our mission is informed by two game changing realities in the Caribbean:

(1) The critical need for jobs as a basis for economic growth and to reduce poverty; and (2) the potential of the maritime industry to significantly address the first.


We are committed to careful stewardship of the funds entrusted to the Foundation by all donors. We follow the strict guidelines of the IRS regarding distribution of funds to overseas charities.

To maximize the benefit that flows from donations, administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Financial Disclosure

  • Federal Identification Number: 47 4047350
  • U.S. IRS non-profit status:  501(c)(3) 

The ACMF accepts donations from any donor (whether corporate, foundation or an individual) provided that acceptance of the donation would not threaten the integrity of the ACMF, its recipients and recipient organizations, as a whole.

We do not accept unsolicited funding proposals or requests for funding.

Whether contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible will depend on the tax laws of your country. In many countries, contributions to charities, like the Foundation, are tax deductible for individuals, and as a business expense for companies.