Bank Street College of Education honors ACMF Vice President Fern Khan

Bank Street College of Education is honoring ACMF Vice President Fern Khan for her years of service as the College’s Dean. Ms. Khan, Dean Emeritus, Bank Street, will receive the Alumni Award in a ceremony held at Bank Street on May 23, 2018.

Bank Street College is a leader in education, a pioneer in improving the quality of classroom education, and an international advocate for children and families. With a private Graduate School, an on-site independent School for Children, a broad variety of professional development and social programs, and partnerships with school districts, colleges, museums and cultural institutions, community service organizations and education media corporations, it is unique in higher education. Ms. Khan’s leadership was pivotal in the institution’s achievements over the last two decades.

Ms. Khan also serves on several other boards in New York, including the Partnership for After School Education, and Harlem Education Activities Fund.