ACMF Board Confirms Maritime Senior Executives

June 13, 2022, Boca, FL: Elsie Rosario, Director of Finance at Crowley and Juan Carlos Croston,
CEO and Vice President Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Manzanillo International Terminal in
Panama, have been appointed to the ACMF Board of Trustees.

Ms. Rosario will take up the post of Treasurer, and Mr. Croston, also recent past President of
the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA), will bring years of experience in the maritime
industry to a diverse board that includes academics and business executives.
“Mr. Croston has been a friend of the Foundation since its 2018, when as President of the CSA,
he fostered a partnership with the group”, says Geneive Brown Metzger, ACMF President and
Executive Director. “We are plenty delighted to have them on our team and to have their
expertise and many years of experience in the leadership of the foundation,” Brown Metzger

As the ACMF closes on its fifth year in full swing, the organization is expanding its number of
scholarship and grant awards. The ACMF has funded over seventy (70) students from Jamaica,
The Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and St.
Lucia. MATPAL Marine Institute in Guyana, is the most recent maritime training institution to
join the ACMF academic partners network which includes the Caribbean Maritime University in
Jamaica, LJM Maritime Academy in The Bahamas, and The University of Trinidad and Tobago.
The foundation also launched a unique maritime jobs platform exclusively for Caribbean
nationals residing in the region. Several cargo and cruise lines have already signed on to the
board, along with almost 200 candidates. Under the leadership of Rick Murrell, President and
CEO of Saltchuk Logistics, the ACMF launched a sea time initiative to identify internship
opportunities for Caribbean cadets at sea.

About the ACMF

Established in 2016, the ACMF is a non-profit tax-exempt organization based in Florida that
funds scholarships and grants for Caribbean students to study logistics and maritime at any of
its four academic partners: The Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica, University of
Trinidad and Tobago, the LJM Maritime Academy in The Bahamas, and MATPAL Marine in
Guyana. It is the only such entity of its kind in the Caribbean or elsewhere focused exclusively
on funding maritime education in the Caribbean. The ACMF has also provided emergency
funding for students reeling from the challenges of COVID, and donated dozens of laptops to
help students study remotely. Its jobs board, ACMF-CAREX, a few months old, has assisted in
placing several Caribbean candidates in dream jobs in the industry.
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